Women Like Me

There is nothing traditional about me. I do not believe in traditional male and female roles. A checklist of qualities and duties that decides how men and women should interact and behave towards one another does not exist.

I am not the type of woman who obsesses over cleaning and having dinner ready by a certain time. I will never be the type of woman who does. I decided long ago that traditional female characteristics are not for me.

I am not going to pretend to be meak to please a man. I have a brain, I intend to use it. I am not going to pretend that sex isn’t important or that I don’t enjoy it. That being said, I am also not going to use sex to get something I want.

I have dreams and goals. They do not stop just because I also want a family and someone to spend my life with. I do not want to give up my last name ever again. It is unique and I like it.

I don’t dream of white picket fences, 2.5 kids and a golden retriever. I dream of a true partnership…..equality. A relationship where the man isn’t always in control and he respects what is important to the woman. And vice versa.

I dream of traveling and exploring the world together. I envision a man who thinks about his place in the world and the impact his life will have on it.

I dream of making a difference. Of having my life mean something and contributing to society.

Where compromise and communication are valued in a relationship. I envision a man who isn’t afraid to express emotion. Who above all else values kindness, compassion and empathy. A man who doesn’t cast judgement but tries to understand. A man who when he criticizes does so in a loving, positive manner. Is this even realistic? Do men like this exist?

Where does that leave me? Do nontraditional men exist? Are women like me supposed to get married? Or should we leave that up to the traditional women?

On this new journey of mine I guess I will have to find out. I am open to the idea that such a man may not exist. My life may consist of me, myself and I.

I know one thing for sure, this time around I am not settling for anything less than everything.


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