A Tale From The Dominican

beach caribbean girl

While sitting on the beach a Haitian woman came up to us and started a conversation. She proceeded to show us a bandage on her leg which revealed a deep laceration. Tears were in her eyes as she tried explaining the accident and that she had no family. I gave her 100 pesos to help with transportation cost. I will never know how she used that money nor do I really care. The gesture is the point. I hope she was able to get help. At the very least I showed her kindness still exists in the world.

On a different day, eating breakfast at a cafe, two little boys sat on the floor next to us. They were carrying shoe shining equipment. One boy was scooting around on his box, laughing and acting silly. The other boy was sitting against a post quietly. They asked if we would like to have our shoes shined and we said no. A little bit later I was drinking coffee, unable to finish my pastry when the louder boy approached me and asked if he could have it. I handed it to him which he then gave to the quiet boy. A gesture which hopefully made his day. I was thanked politely.


I remember this because people can surprise you. I expected the little boy to gobble the half eaten pastry all by himself or at least share it. Instead he did the opposite and gave it up willingly. I also keep experiences like this in mind when I am feeling low or when I think about putting too much food on my plate which only ends up getting wasted. There are people out there who have it much harder than me. This is something I try not to forget or take advantage of.


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