This one I am writing fresh from the mind while its still there. I have realized everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we say the wrong things and sometimes we do the wrong thing. Lord knows I have made my fair share. I could write a long list, but I have learned there is no point in dwelling on past mistakes. So I am going to hold my high, brush my shoulders off and own my mistakes.

Yep, I have made a bunch, but along the way I have learned from them. Making mistakes is the only way we learn how to become better people. Who wants to be perfect anyway? That would be so boring and its rather elitist to even think we are capable of perfection. We are only human after all. Humility that’s the key. Not being afraid to apologize and move on.

This girl is on her way to becoming a whole new person. No more feeling shy and insecure. Today I realized I can honestly say I love myself! I really never thought that would be possible. I am beginning to understand what it feels like to be a whole person.


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