So much to share……

I have been meaning for months now to continue posting. I guess I haven’t needed that immediate therapeutic release. October 18th, that seems like a life time ago. Up and down is how I felt then. So many questions and emotions were running through my head. Since then my life has changed drastically. Perhaps I should recount the time gone by……..

Shortly after my up and down post the girls and I had a night out. While at a local establishment a boy braved a table of 3 women to start up a conversation…..all by himself, no wing men. I noticed right away that he had an accent, turns out he is from Kentucky. From now on let’s call him Kentucky. He began chatting it up with us and buying a round of drinks. Can never go wrong with free drinks. Being the type of women who are strong, opinionated and intelligent, we are not afraid to call men out on their bullshit or give them a hard time. Kentucky took our witty teasing in stride and continued to chat it up with us and buy drinks. The night proceeded and 2 hours later we hadn’t managed to scare him away. In fact he told us, “Please do not put me in the friend zone, girls always do.”

Throughout the night we pretty much learned most of his life story. He moved up here from Kentucky to go to law school. He studied philosophy in undergrad and spent time as a kid working on a family tobacco farm. Halloween was quickly approaching and of course being a guy he wanted to know what kind of sexy costume we would be wearing. Sexy Halloween costumes aren’t really the style of my girls, but the thought intrigued me. I was a naughty cop once in college…..ahh yes at work we had this conversation and I remembered I wanted to be a Sexy Librarian. Being a total nerd, Kentucky liked this costume idea. Yet sadly, I would be in Georgia for Halloween so no dressing up for me. It really hit me then how long it had been since I could really be myself without fear of being made fun of or criticized. Rather liberating.

Kentucky turned out to be a genuinely nice guy with a good sense of humor and solid world view. No ignorance, racist or homophobic issues. A must for me with my new checklist of qualities in a man. Kentucky was also a proud owner of a Miniature Dachsund which struck a cord with me right away considering my first dog and best friend for most of my life was a Miniature Dachsund. Not to mention the comment of being a Hippie at heart.

As the night ended and we were on our way out Kentucky caught up to us giving all three girls a hug goodbye. He then foolishly declared that since we all had so much fun he should at least get one of our numbers. All three of us looked at each other trying to send telepathic messages, Do you want to give your number? Do you? For a few seconds I considered it and then remembered I wasn’t so sure I was ready to go down the dating road. What did I have to offer anyone? I didn’t exactly have my shit together, but he was the type of guy I would give a chance if I did. After a fleeting second I kept my mouth shut. Lets call my girl, Debby. Debby piped up and gave him her number.

Later the next day Debby and I were texting about the previous night. Turns out Kentucky had already texted her. Debby realized that although Kentucky was a genuinely nice guy he was not for her. She would have to delicately break the news of “Friend zone only.” After my conversation with Debby, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun I had meeting Kentucky. Later that night as I was trying to fall a sleep I was still thinking about him. That’s when I realized maybe I could give Kentucky a try. Perhaps with a nice guy I could try this dating thing out.

The next day I got Kentucky’s number from Debby and sent him a text saying hi and letting him know if he ever wanted to hang out let me know. Turns out he was super excited that I texted him and scheduled a date for later that week. I was in disbelief. I actually had my first date in 10 years. Holy Shit! By the way, Kentucky had me at Hippie and Miniature Dachsund.

More to come…..there is so much to tell.


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