Baked with Love

How do you find the right words? I have been struggling since Saturday to find the right words to describe the feeling in the air at our kickoff fundraising event for 30 in 30. All I can come up with is Love.

When you try something new and put yourself out there, you never know what to expect. I tend to expect a lot. I expect myself to run an event flawlessly, for lots of people to show up and for everyone to be happy and enjoying themselves. It boils down to perfection. I realize perfection is over rated, but it is the tenacity and drive in me that seeks it out. It is also the desire for perfection that makes putting yourself out there risky and scary. The last thing I want is to fail.

I am happy to say that neither of these scenarios happened on Saturday. The kitchen was full of laughter, talking and making new friends. As much as this campaign is about raising $30,000 to support two organizations that work tirelessly to empower women and create sustainable communities, it is also about sharing stories, and building a network of women who lift one another up. Selfishly, it is also about challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone, to use my creativity, try something new and share it with others. Before this campaign my blog was not a public space. I shared it privately with my closest friends and family. This campaign is every bit about teaching myself to feel empowered just as much as I hope it empowers others. For working on yourself is the most important job you have.

To everyone who came and was a part of my little experiment, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have taught me that although, there are terrible things that happen in the world, there are equally as many good and beautiful things that happen.

We also raised $420 to support the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing and Michigan Food and Farming Systems!

Be a part of the good that is happening. Make an Empowerment Investment to 30 in 30.








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