Happy Soul

Do what makes your soul happy.

This phrase has stuck with me ever since I attended Dream, Girl! See my post The Common Bond to learn about this incredible experience.

Do what makes your soul happy.

The words give me chills. How often do we actually remember to take care of ourselves? This phenomenon is especially true of women. Whether we like it or not (sometimes I lean towards the not side) we are hard wired to take care of others. Factor children into the picture and our time and energy becomes even more divided. Mom, I apologize for this, but it needs to be said. My whole life I watched my Mom run around like a crazy person. Killing herself to run a business successfully, save the lives of her patients, bring cases home, deal with demanding clients who sometimes forget she too has a family, run errands, clean the house, garden, become a 4-H leader, attend our sporting events and school functions, take care of our own animals and the list goes on. I haven’t even factored kids into my time equation yet. As an adult I have no idea how my Mom didn’t completely lose her mind. I didn’t even mention all the times she went to work sick because when you run your own business if you don’t work then your business doesn’t make money. Shingles, pneumonia, migraines, back pain, etc. A person with a “normal” job would have taken multiple sick days, but not my Mom. She didn’t have that option. Really, she is quite the badass when you sit down and think about it. See my post Becoming a Veterinarian: Mari’s Story to find out just how awesome my Mom is!

Being 30 year old Rachael with a career, volunteer work, a new relationship, pets and family and friends, I find it hard to remember to make time for myself. To do what makes my soul happy. I promised myself I would do something each day that makes my soul happy. I haven’t quite reached that, but it is definitely on my mind more than it used to be. See I am a giver. It brings me joy, an immense amount actually, to help others. But what I also forget is that I am just as important. Taking care of me FIRST is the best way I can HELP others. So I am on a mission to reprogram that pesky hard wired desire to put others first. Combine that hard wiring with an intense appetite for success and I’m pretty sure you have one hell of a recipe for BURNT – SUPER CRISPY. In fact while on vacation my boyfriend said to me, “Are you still managing social media or did you unplug completely?” My answer was of course, “I still am, BUT I am not putting in nearly as much effort as I normally do.” His response, “So basically you are only working 10% of your day now. Do you ever stop?” Oh Rachael, you really do need to learn to take a break, a real break (this is my inner monologue).

I have seen how hard this is for women to do including myself, but I am determined to make this happen. I believe it is crucial for life long happiness and peace. And even though I am hard core guilty of working 10% of my vacation, I am super proud of myself for A. Only working 10% and B. Taking two vacations for myself in the past month (I haven’t had a vacation in 2 years).

Yes I am an addict. Is there a twelve step program for this?








2 thoughts on “Happy Soul

  1. Deb Freeman says:

    Thankfully I have already had my pet’s appointment because I will forever hear your words, “bad ass”, when I see your mom 🙂 I also hope I was never that demanding client…….Once again I will tell you that your mom is an amazing role model on how to be successful. Good luck on figuring out how to totally turn off the outside world and people and think of yourself first. It has taken me 50+ years to even consider putting myself first and I am just starting to be able to do it without guilt. Another fabulous writing – now you can be called “bad ass 2”.

    • dare2dream2pursuereality says:

      Thanks Deb! I really enjoy all your thoughts and comments. I hope I am lucky enough to be thought of as a badass someday. 🙂

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