There are many reasons why someone reinvents themselves. For some it is by choice. Others are thrown into it because of trauma or actions outside of their control.
This is what I have learned about the art of reinvention:
1. Never be afraid to reinvent yourself. There is a reason why you’re contemplating it. Just go with it.
2. One step at a time.
3. Trust your gut. You may have to learn all over again how to trust yourself.
4. No one achieves anything alone. Ask for help and guidance.
5. Invest in yourself. Your dreams will become reality.
6. Make time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A beautiful flower. The smell of dirt and horses. Bringing a smile to a loved one.
7. Play and have fun. It will spark creativity leading to new ideas and personal growth.
8. Treat yourself. Maybe it’s a latte, a new book, or a fresh bouquet of flowers. Pick one thing every week that you normally wouldn’t do for yourself.
9. Make your belly smile. Venture out of your comfort zone and discover new food.
10. Find what brings you peace and makes your soul happy. For me it is music, running, yoga, writing, nature (water is my happiest of places), animals, and doing positive things for my community. Do one thing a day that brings peace and happiness to your soul.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -Unknown-


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