Tough Lesson

IMG_0606[1]Today as a young professional I learned a very tough lesson. One person can bring a project screaming to a halt and destroy it, even though it will have a positive impact on the community. I am deeply passionate about nurturing healthy and vibrant communities. To achieve this I believe you have to challenge yourself to think outside of the box, create equity by bringing all voices to the table, and facilitate positive impacts. I love using my creativity to help organizations achieve their goals, develop future leaders, and empower others to create change. This project was exceptionally unique. It brought teens and adults together to talk about clean water, pollution, and inspiring others to care for our rivers. Unfortunately, the teens also had to learn a tough lesson, sometimes good things are torn down.

A mural that was a work in progress was covered up this week. Teens who face challenges every day received one more smack in the face from life. I cannot help, but think about my post yesterday, One Dreamer to Another. The thoughts are swirling around in my head, chasing each other around and around and around.

I still remember what it was like to be a teenager.

Being a teenager is not simple.

Tired of being told what to do all the time.

Adults are flawed.

Universe, are you speaking to me? Yesterday I write a book review about teenagers and adults seeing their own struggles reflected back, and the importance of finding a way to have an open and honest conversation. Today, I learn that the very thing I wrote about played out in real life.

There is an art to turning a negative experience into a learning opportunity. To reflect and challenge yourself to take something away from it. Myself, the teens, and partners involved in this project got a big helping of POWER on a platter this week. A hard to swallow, dry as a bone, chew till your jaw hurts, helping of POWER. There are those who wield enough power and clout, shake hands and rubs elbows with the right people, that they themselves can bring their hammer of selfishness crashing down on those around them. Reminding us common folk that we are mere cogs in a wheel. Our existence, thoughts, and dreams do not matter.

Abusing power does not create healthy and vibrant communities. It does lift the voices up of those around you. Read any of my Equality Matters pieces and you will understand how I feel about bullies and abuse of power. I have been fighting off bullies my entire life. Speaking my mind when it is not popular. Raising my voice because it is right. what is right

I will not let this get me down. Passion and drive are what keep me moving forward despite the hurdles. Well that and being stubborn as hell or as I like to call it, determined.

We can do better. This is my WHY.


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