My Weekend Challenge: 100 Dreams

At approximately 11:46 a.m. on Friday, June 5th, a friend of mine posted an article titled, Don’t Make A Bucket List; Make A List of 100 Dreams on my Facebook timeline and said, This is so very you. 

I am a proud life long dreamer. Devouring books as a child, dreaming of imaginary places, adventure, and far away lands where people and animals awaited discovery. Oh to be a great explorer! Live with the gorillas! Race a horse across the beach while evading capture from the evil sorcerer!

Given to me at my high school graduation. Still have it.

Given to me at my high school graduation. Still have it.

As my reading skills and quest for knowledge advanced I began pilfering my Mom’s National Geographic magazines. New subscriptions were delivered straight to the house. Pure joy! My dreams became bigger and my bedroom became pasted with pictures cut out from dozens of editions. I used to lay in bed staring at the photos imagining all my dreams turning into reality.

Somewhere along the way I started sacrificing my dreams for the needs of others. Long story short I gave up too much of myself in the name of love.

CAUTION: It can even happen if you’re strong, opinionated, smart, and independent. Life has a way of throwing curve balls.

The Art of Reinvention is my evolving life chapter. I am learning to write my own story once again. It is a creative, painfully frustrating, time consuming process…yet, utterly worth it.

This blog was my first tool to start the process. It was a vehicle to reflect on the disappointment, sorrow, and confusion that flooded my life. Stepping outside my comfort zone to share my deepest thoughts and feelings. Learning to forgive the one person who hurt me the most, myself. TERRIFYING! Initially this space was kept private. Only sharing with my closest friends and family. Baby steps. Itty bitty baby steps.

Confidence growing and seeking to challenge myself further, I began sharing openly with the world wide web. Also TERRIFYING! Would people make fun of me? Would they leave mean comments? What would happen? To the little doubting fearful voice in my head, Take a Hike! The newest life chapter is all about putting aside the fear and finding my voice.

By now you might be wondering, what is a list of 100 dreams? It’s an unedited list of anything you might want to do or have more of in life. The intent is to help you focus, understand what is really important to you, and set goals to achieve your dreams. Key Ingredient: Set aside fear.

After reading the article my gut said, YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Like a marathon runner gearing up for a big race I have been training myself to listen to my gut. Ignore the doubting fearful voice in your head. Listen to your gut. So I did. Bravely declaring my weekend challenge on my Facebook page, making it real…no turning back.

Walking the death defying tightrope of public accountability…

List of 100 Dreams_Ringmaster

  1. Raise $30,000 for nonprofits in my community by the time I’m 40.
  2. Never stop learning.
  3. Have my own goat farm where people can come to heal and find peace.
  4. Master yoga.
  5. Learn to write my own story.
  6. Continue the journey of being kind to myself. Live it my entire life.
  7. Find a career where I can help organizations achieve their goals, develop future leaders, and empower others to create change.
  8. Support small businesses by purchasing from them and sharing with friends and family.
  9. Help people achieve their goals and dreams.
  10. Take photography classes.
  11. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  12. Eat ice cream for breakfast.
  13. Listen to live music in Austin, New Orleans, and St.Louis.
  14. Eat at the restaurants in Harlem.
  15. Own a vintage truck Pre-1960.
  16. Learn to belly dance.
  17. Participate in writing marathons.
  18. Became the leader my horse needs me to be.
  19. Turn my blog into a source of inspiration and a vehicle for change.
  20. Read all the books I own.
  21. Have a library in my house, floor to ceiling with a roll away ladder.
  22. Discover foods new to me.
  23. Earn a salary I can comfortably live off.
  24. Compete in endurance/competitive trail riding with Argo.
  25. Invest in my retirement.
  26. Teach classes at a college.
  27. Pursue organizational psychology.
  28.  Fly an airplane.
  29. Build my Novica business to connect people with artisans.
  30. Buy most of my food from local farmers.
  31. Go on a spa vacation.
  32. Teach at a woman’s university in Bangladesh.
  33. Go scuba diving.
  34. Walk the streets of Paris.
  35. See whales swimming.
  36. Drive a tractor.
  37. Live in multiple countries.
  38. Stand on the Great Wall of China.
  39. Ride in a plane piloted by Ken.
  40. Drive a vehicle powered by vegetable oil.
  41. Speak in front of large groups of people (100 or more).
  42. Make as much money as my male colleagues.
  43. Be able to afford a housekeeper and personal assistant.
  44. Discover what I want to become an expert in.
  45. Go stand up paddle boarding.
  46. Dance in the rain.
  47. Live debt free.
  48. Do what makes my soul happy.
  49. Fill my yard with wildflowers so I never have to mow.
  50. Ride a camel across the desert.
  51. Backpack across Europe.
  52. Publish a book.
  53. Create street art.
  54. Confidently promote myself.
  55. Ride a bullet train.
  56. Pedal a water bike on the river.
  57. Live in a big city so I don’t have to drive.
  58. Dance in the streets somewhere in South America.
  59. Visit all the islands in the Caribbean.
  60. Tango in a sexy dress.
  61. Contribute my unique gift to the world.
  62. Find my voice and never look back.
  63. Meet and talk with women from all over the world.
  64. Have an equal partner to share my life with.
  65. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  66. Make goat cheese.
  67. Grow my leadership and facilitation skills.
  68. Get my PhD.
  69. Motivate people to make an impact in their lives and community.
  70. Lead by example.
  71. Sleep in a tree house in the jungle.
  72. Restore a vintage trailer and travel around the U.S. while writing about it.
  73. Be free to be me.
  74. Love my body.
  75. Attend a Clinton Anderson horse clinic…visit his facility in Texas.
  76. Sleep under the stars.
  77. Listen to others.
  78. Foster a Paws With A Cause puppy.
  79. See elephants in the wild.
  80. Grow hemp on my goat farm.
  81. Wear a fabulous hat to the Kentucky Derby.
  82. Be a tourist in my own state, discovering unique places.
  83. Be my biggest cheerleader.
  84. Take care of me first.
  85. Watch the sunrise over the water.
  86. Be present in the moment. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.
  87. Ride in a rickshaw.
  88. Step outside my comfort zone.
  89. Wear fancy clothes to the opera.
  90. Own a vintage car with fins.
  91. See a woman become president.
  92. Forgive those who have hurt me.
  93. Lift others up as I climb.
  94. Surround myself with people who inspire, motivate, and challenge me to by the best version of myself.
  95. Build a hoop house.
  96. Experience a day as a beekeeper.
  97. Invest in a small winery &/or brewery.
  98. Find swanky jazz &/or blues joints.
  99. Be an eccentric old rich woman who does what she wants, not giving a shit.
  100. Speak my mind and work hard to create change.

If you stuck with me and made it all the way to the bottom, THANK YOU! I hope this inspired you to get started on your own list of 100 dreams. Ready. Set. GO!


5 thoughts on “My Weekend Challenge: 100 Dreams

  1. Deb Whipple Freeman says:

    You knew I would comment 😉 I cannot wait for you to achieve goal #3. I will be the first person there. I cannot believe you haven’t done #12 – oh, so good. You already have accomplished #8 and #19. I share the dream of #21 with you. You are amazing and lead me to think far deeper than I want to some days. Keep inspiring me (and others).

    • dare2dream2pursuereality says:

      I love your comments! I’m itching to make #3 a reality. Will have giant party with lots of goats. Thank you for your continued support and kind words. You are a lovely woman Deb.

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