No Love From My Home State

Dear Michigan.

Scratch that.

Dear Michigan Politicians (Gov. Snyder I’m looking at you),

I should be crazy for thinking my phone call yesterday mattered. You know the one where I dialed your number and someone answered…oh wait there wasn’t an answer. I left a message. Since you missed it, along with many others like mine, here’s the quick and dirty: Please for the love of reason and all things rational do not sign this into law. It doesn’t even make sense! Bad. I repeat. BAD policy!

Now I sit here, staring away at my computer in utter disbelief at what popped up on my Twitter feed today.

Wait! Hold the phone! A memory is working its way forward from the depths of my brain.

This week legislation passed that effectively communicates, a woman’s body is never her own and women are not equals. These messages seem to be buzzing about all over the country. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the State of Michigan, where I have lived my entire life, would declare governance over my body.

December 2013 – Barefoot and Pregnant. Damn. So much for thinking I successfully blocked it out. Like all things that leave a bad taste in your mouth, it lingers, despite trying to wash it down.

Fast forward to June 2015…

You have successfully begun to dismantle equality in our state bit by bit. I did not vote for this.

This is not the Michigan I want to live in. Your lack of foresight to see beyond the agendas, looking to the big picture, and utter failure to lead by example appalls me.

So I regret to inform you…

Wait, nope, no regret at all…YOU’RE FIRED!

Wishful thinking on my part, I realize this. You should be though. What you just signed into law sends our beautiful state that I love dearly into the dark ages, where equality is snuffed out by hate.

May karma come back to bite you in the ass.

Passionately opinionated and not apologizing for it,

P.S. – One day soon hate and bigotry will no longer rule the world. The Universe is coming for you. Only a matter of time.

P.P.S. – Here’s an example of what investing in solutions to alleviate inequality looks like. Guess you haven’t heard, that is actually a thing now a days.

Listen. Learn. Lead.

Daring to pursue my list of 100 Dreams. Somewhere out there a kid is dreaming of a home to call their own. And a couple or single adult, neither one fitting the stereotype of what a family looks like, is dreaming of adopting a child. So I use this space to support their goals and dreams, speak my mind, and stand up for what is right. Because maybe just maybe someone who feels like nobody cares about this will read it and realize that people do.


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