Rocks and Marbles

Something is missing?

Have you seen it?

Have you seen what I am looking for?

I left it…

I left it right here!

Did I?

Yes…yes, I did. I swear I did.

Where could it be?

A thief!

That’s right. Now I remember.

There was a crash.

A big crash.

Yes. A crash. It was light then it was dark.

I’ve been robbed. ROBBED!

But what did they take?

What is missing?

I…I…can’t remember.

The words…the words…

Where are the words?

That’s it!

That’s what they stole!

They stole my WORDS!!!

Will you help me find them?

I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. That is part of my story. A rather large part actually. It is the part that changed my life forever. Writing is my escape. It is my release from all that troubles and inspires my mind. Since my last post I have been held hostage by my brain. Unable to contribute. Unable to write…really write. I have lots of bits and pieces scribbled furiously in my journal, but the true joy is bringing them to completion. Hitting publish and imagining the words traveling through the universe like a raven delivering crucial news to a faraway kingdom. This is the first night in a month where I have not felt like my words were stolen from me. If you’re wondering where I have been, now you know, held captive by my brain. Just like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption I am determined to escape, even if it’s one pocket full of rocks at a time. 


2 thoughts on “Rocks and Marbles

  1. Susan Roubal says:

    This resonates with me. No head trauma, but plenty of other reasons. The words seem to bounce around in my mind and I see what I want to say, but the words can’t find their way to my mouth. Perhaps I should try writing them down?

    • dare2dream2pursuereality says:

      Not a bad idea. My journal and photos I take (all the time now) are serving as my memory bank. Sometimes I too tired and fatigued for the synapses to fire correctly. When that happens I admit and tell myself it’s ok.

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