Soft Healing Breeze

soft healing breeze 1
A soft healing breeze moves the curtains 
Entering my living room through the whispers of trees 
Swirling across my face
Igniting a peace within
Carrying with it words of widsom
Feel my healing touch 
You are loved 
Near and far I bring the embrace of loved ones 
We hear your sorrow
We know your frustration
You are loved it whispers 
A soft healing breeze flickers the candles 
Gaining momentum through the uniting chorus of trees
Cool tranquility fills my living room
Enveloping my body in a calming embrace  
This too shall pass it echoes 
A soft healing breeze eases my pain
It is day 3 of the New Orleans Writing Marathon. Yesterday my brain would not let me participate. I had hoped to be able to submit a new piece each day participating in the virtual writing marathon since I can’t quite make it to New Orleans. Today is a new day and I am thankful for having the ability to be a part of the writing community. Every day is a new day. Taking things as they come.

2 thoughts on “Soft Healing Breeze

  1. Susan Roubal says:

    Your poem is simply exquisite, Rachel. I felt the breeze and the calm, too. You do have a gift with words that can help people with many challenges, as you write to ease yours. I enjoy your posts whether I comment or not, they are all so relevant to me. Keep writing.

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