Gifts of the Mighty Titans


IMG_20150520_104047Today I watched the clouds swirl and move across the sky as mighty titans.

Horses raced to the top of the hill seeking the fortress of trees. Ready to brace the storm together with backs against the wind forming a mighty shield. Those in paddocks alone, not part of the herd, tossed their heads and raced about, knowing hell was about to unleash before the humans knew what was coming.

You can always tell the horses sound of mind apart from the crazy ones by how they react to fear and potential horse eating monsters prowling for their next victim.

IMG_20150521_084131A few remained calm, basking in the cool breeze, gifted to them by the clouds. “Mother Nature’s air conditioning,” I hear in my mother’s voice. She is there with me watching the spectacle, yet this wasn’t spoken aloud. I heard it resonate within my soul. For one brief moment I was a child again. My mother was explaining to me on a warm breezy summer day why we didn’t have air conditioning. “Why pay for air conditioning when Mother Nature can cool us just the same?”, she says. Just like that, the moment is gone, and there I am in the present, cooled by Mother Nature’s air conditioning.

One horse in particular, a black giant, dripping with sweat from the stifling heat, lookedargo eye at me with thankful eyes. Feeling his first respite from the discomfort of baking in the sun and being eaten alive by blood sucking flies.

Together, the black giant and I, felt the cool breeze wash over us and rain spit upon our faces. The mighty titans gained momentum above us, rolling past, amassing like an infantry setting up ranks, readying for battle. They didn’t clap commands with their deafening thunder or strike upon their enemy with lightning. No, their foe was further away. We were simply passersby witnessing the force assembling. Watching in awe and disbelief at the spectacle above me, thinking once again, we as humans, are just one part of the unfathomable whole.

As the titans marched past I saw incredible varying shades of grey. Shades of grey I never knew existed. In that moment I understood the simple elegant beauty of the color grey. I appreciated its depth and ability to exude feelings of alarm, strength, and peace upon the atmosphere all at once.

Within a matter of minutes the titans had moved on. In their wake the sweltering heat was subdued into a damp coolness. All the horses breathed a little easier, relaxing from the weight of fear and discomfort lifted only by the passing of the titans.

Three whole weeks since my last post.  They say you’re supposed to post regularly when you have a blog. Pssh…timelines…routines…who needs em? Couldn’t meet a deadline if I tried anyways. Ha! This is the first day in months that I haven’t wept or felt the tightening of my chest as vehicles and sirens rolled by. I will take this day and hold onto it. I will remember the sensation I felt when the mighty titans rolled past, for I am sure, tomorrow will be an entirely new day with zero predictability. 


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