Imagine a place where nightmares fade and worries melt like lemon drops…

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Imagine a place where nightmares didn’t haunt you, demons were kept at bay, and calm healing energy wrapped you in a warm safe blanket. Now, what if this place existed in your community? What would it look like? Do you see flowers, warm cheery colors painted on the walls, comfy chairs to read a good book in? Are there therapy dogs waiting to shower you with unconditional love? Is it the first safe, judgement free zone you’ve experienced?

For a moment imagine you’ve survived something unthinkable. A moment, one single, quick moment, that changed you, forever. Imagine that deep down, in your gut, you know you’ll never be the same. You are now the After You, the you that survived an unthinkable moment. On the outside you look fine. After all, everyone says so. Naturally, you must be. How could you be a different person? How could one moment change YOU? Better yet, if it did change you, why can’t people see it?

Now imagine you begin to live a new life where you are seen, yet, unseen. You, all of you, is invisible to family, friends, coworkers, and society. No one. Not a single soul sees all of you, except for those that carry the same fate, surviving the unthinkable.

Let’s continue imagining…

You have now spent 6 years in this new invisible life. Walking the line between seen and unseen. At times you feel an impostor. Is this really your life? Will I wake up from this horrible dream? How will I make it? Thousands of questions race through your mind with zero answers to be found because, here’s the fun part, a cure for becoming invisible doesn’t exist, and science, well, science doesn’t know enough to answer your questions. Now take a minute to imagine the inner turmoil. The fear that begins to take root. The realization that your future, your very existence, is a…


For the sake of imagining…

Funny things begin to happen all around you. In a series of fateful or maybe not fateful events, we’ll let you imagine which, you meet an entire invisible community. Now each one of you is unique. Your unthinkable moment is not the same as the person typing worlds away, yet, all of you, have common ground, surviving an unthinkable moment. Through those interactions you learn that invisible survivors need a lot more support than what is available…slim to none.

And so…

Armed with ideas, creativity, and sheer determination, you set out on a quest, a Hero’s Journey if you like, to build such a place. A place where nightmares fade and worries melt like lemon drops.

Have you figured out the morale of the story?

Hint: Trauma is trauma. It changes you, forever. It changes you so much you find yourself unable to do the things that once made you, YOU. The things people take for granted. Simple. Everyday. Ordinary things. Laundry. Driving. Holding down a job. Talking on the phone. Walking down the street. These things. And you, as well as, thousands, no millions of people just like you, are Invisible and suffering silently because a space where you can blossom and thrive doesn’t exist.

Reality: It is time to build that place. Starting in my community, Lansing. And I happen to have such a place in mind. Fittingly it once served the blind. Now it may serve the Invisible. It will take magic, hard work, friends – so many friends, to make it happen.

Will you heed the Hero’s Call and join my quest?



2 thoughts on “Imagine a place where nightmares fade and worries melt like lemon drops…

  1. Susan Roubal says:

    How did I miss this post? Or did it vanish from my faulty brain? Encapsulates so much of what I know to be true. Though my physical trauma was disease (RA) I also have an element of PTSD- like effect from, being grossly overworked then ultimately fired from the job I loved because of the consequences of stress on RA! I continues to have nightmares about too much work for one human to do, humiliation, etc. And I am nearly twenty years out. It is a long journey, but I have discovered so many new truths along the way. Continue your writing as you are able, Rachel, it is beautiful. Even this old-ish woman finds so much to relate to- but mostly I wish someone young and vibrant like you didn’t have to experience this.

    • daringrachael says:

      So much love for you. Thank you for supporting me. Somehow I missed your comment. Brain Fail as I fondly call it now. Learning to roll with all this mess is have the battle. 🙂

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