Dear Flint: We Hear You, Your Lives Matter

Clean Water Flint

The Flint Water Crisis is constantly on my mind. Water has forever been my passion. As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. Water is our most precious resource, without it, life cannot exist. Because of my disability I may not be able to march in the streets chanting in protest, and trust, I would do that in a heartbeat, but I can create art. I can use my creative voice to say, Flint Lives Matter and Clean Water Is A Right! Before I lost my job due to my disability I worked with communities to raise awareness for water pollution and to protect our water resources. So I’ll be damned, disability or not, if I just sit around doing nothing while Flint residents, actual living breathing people, elderly, children, single moms, single dads, families, disabled, people of color, immigrants, and the list goes on, deal with the fear of unsafe drinking water and toxic contamination. And I’m going to come out and say it, We all damn well know if this was a suburban, majority white community, this problem would have been fixed at the drop of a hat. This is environmental racism.

People helping people is a beautiful thing. Be the change.

On April 28th I attended the From Flint Documentary: Voices From a Poisoned City. After the Documentary there was a Q&A. A woman from Flint attended the screening, when asked what can we do to help residents of Flint, she said, “Send us baby wipes.” You might be wondering why baby wipes? Good question. Not all residents of Flint can safely shower due to lead contamination. Especially vulnerable populations like children and infants. Flint residents use baby wipes for hygiene. Imagine not being able to shower because your skin breaks out in blisters and rashes. Imagine this happening to your children, your newly born baby. Having to use baby wipes daily, all the time, for something as simple as hygiene becomes costly. So I listened, I heard her ask for help and I’m responding with a Diaper Wipe Drive. 


I challenge you to participate. More about this later. Next I want to share a beautiful piece of writing shared on the Film’s Facebook page. 

‘The Flows and Flock of Flint’

as seraphs pull the strings of sunrise to baptize the city of Flint illuminating the laments of those plagued by low ceilings seeking healing from the cement drying around their feet in torment from the contents of the faucets and the losses it could not prevent for ten thousand cent eddy down the sink into the sewer with the slices of souls on a skewer from this event as the tail of tomorrow paint silhouettes in pale with it’s extent will critiques be tempered will it even be remembered when criticizing the characterization how acid rained on this generation of tents recalling the erosions and indents wrought upon Flint during these years of tears and it’s salty scent or will they forget by sunset…

By: Dean Diada 

I am a Ohio resident greatly moved by the crisis in Flint…I however do not have monetary means to donate, I did pen a poem regarding my sentiments that I am sending, I hope you are able to use it to raise more awareness and/or donations…

Poem posted with his permission. Thank you Dean for letting me share your writing on my blog.

It is a sad day for the “Pure Michigan” state when one of our communities doesn’t have safe drinking water and is forced to use baby wipes to keep their children and infants clean. All hope is not lost because, We The People have the Power to Create Change. And it begins with something as simple as sending baby wipes to Flint. The only question is, How many baby wipes will you send?


Rub-A-Dub Dub

So, back to those baby wipes. During the month of May, I ran a Diaper Wipe drive. Little sad to say…didn’t collect as many wipes as I hoped for. Life is crazy busy, I get it. Good news is I am not giving up!

Tomorrow. Nope, scratch that, it is 12:41 AM, TODAY (Saturday 6/4), you can find me at AA Creative Corridor in Reo Town, Lansing. And guess what? You can drop off Baby Wipes!

Gettin' my Brave on! facebook cover

Come hang with me later today, soak up some flower magic, design your own bouquet, and color. Anyone who drops off Diaper Wipes during the event will get a free coloring page as a way of saying, Thanks for being a Rock Star!. Special prize for the person who drops off the MOST diaper wipes.

Bring Wipes (1)

EXTREME CHALLENGE – Not For The Faint of Heart

I challenge your place of work, church, nonprofit, family, and any organization you are involved with to help the families of Flint by collecting baby wipes. Please email,, if you plan to host a large collection. I will gladly find a way to arrange pick-up!***

***applies for those in Lansing area only.


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